Flexbox Space-Between property not working properly

Hello! I’ve noticed that the “space between” flexbox properties does not space my items from start to end, like it says it does. There is still space on the left & righthand sides when I apply this property, even though there should be no space.

Here is a screenshot of the space-between issue:
This container was set to flexbox, space between

When I inspect the site, it seems that Webflow adds a pseudo element, which is causing this issue. When I hide the pseudo element, the issue gets resolved. Is there a way to ensure that Webflow doesn’t create these pseudo elements to begin with? I’m not on a paid plan just yet, so I can’t add CSS.

hi @happysiteclub as you do not follow forum guides about how to post request correctly it will be hard for anyone to help.

Anyway, what I see on screenshots, your nav were you are noticing the issue is container that has implicitly set max width 960px by WF. You can overwrite this value or use div element instead to have a full control over your element.