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Responsive grid system

Hi everyone,
I have been struggling with trying to implement a grid-like system for a client (see example). It needs to be responsive and ideally use Webflows CMS system. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Are you allowing Flexbox? Lets assume no…

So let’s use ROW elements for responsivity, and multiple grids for CMS.

So 4 dynamic list, that’s ok, that’s how non uniform grids are made.

On mobile one column will be displayed after the other.

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Or you could have 2 divs with 2 dynlists side by side. With an inversed layout. the orange arrow represent the negative bottom margin of the first line/div.

This way you’ll keep a better order of the cells.


Hi @vincent, Thanks so much for your help! I managed to get it working by using a combination of divs and columns, like you said. I first tried using Flexbox, but as the height of various objects are different, it didn’t adapt so well. Thanks again!

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