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Flexbox Dynamic Listing Problem

It’s my first time to apply CMS features to a website and I ended up with the following issues.

I already have a homepage developed, which for the most part consists of product listing, and I made the listing with flexbox. I though I can simply start pulling dynamic data and slowly replace different chunks of static text. But since the homepage can not be set to be as a Collection Page Template, I’m limited to use the Dynamic List.

But the Dynamic List forces me to use rows and my whole CSS styling fails. This is weird. Why can’t I just replace chunks of static text with dynamic? I’ve been using various CMSs and that way was a very simple way.

Well I guess I solved it. I applied the same CSS classes to the Dynamic List that I use in my static Flexbox listing and the control of rows got ignored.

This is really unintuitive and even wrong, unless I’m missing something. The whole point is the CMS not to force a change in the front-end code – an issue I’ve found with other CMSs around the net.