Flexbox expands past 50% once 3rd slide is added to slider

Take a look the video i just shared. Flexbox section is stretching after I add a 3rd slide in the slider on the right side of the flexbox. Take the 3rd slide off and it goes back to the normal size. At this current state I only have 2 slides so feel free to duplicate and test.

Dropbox Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3vclj5zimhpb6aa/webflow_flexbox_issues.mp4?dl=0


Take the .cs-flex-horizontal_child-50 element and do this:

Give the slider element 100% width.

Also remove the classes on the slide elements. You don’t need to add anything to control them as your layout is. They’re being dimensionned by their parents.

Wow thanks for the fast response Vincent, I did think i would get an answer back until early next week lol. I was watching a video and did the setting like that for the flexbox. Why do you think it did that change on adding a 3rd slide?

Because of a mix of styles you added, I didn’t look too far, I zeroed what I could and applied simpler rules for what you were aiming for.

Thank you again for your help.