Alternating CMS rows/columns

Is this possible? w/o building separate datalists for each?

here is my mockup

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Page built out here but of course just photos on one side.

I invision an option here:

Place this in any custom code box (either page custom code or embed code):

.w-dyn-item:nth-child(even) .w-row {
    flex-direction: row-reverse;
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awesome lets give this a try!

I swear it was just working but now it isn’t. Do I add this style “w-dyn-item” to my dynamic list?

Any ideas?

Here is my read only link:

Well, you removed the w-row (or changed a setting that removed it), so simply remove .w-row from the style selector as well.

.w-dyn-item:nth-child(even) {
    flex-direction: row-reverse;

is this the correct place to add those two styles then?

w-dyn-item and w-row

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