Flatkit template - maps element covers footer

Hi there!

The google maps element on our contact page is blocking the footer



Could you let me know what I’ve been doing wrong?

(perhaps a brief explanation on how to set the heights to make sure they also work in responsive view would also be very helpful!)


@symptest, how do you get the maps elements to show up? I cannot see them within the preview site. You should name your element classes also, makes it easier to find things within the navigator.
Are the maps / contact form meant to display when you tap the “get in touch” button?

Hi GourmetPixel!

Thanks for your reply. It was an issue in the container height.

While I have you, would you be able to tell me how I can make the page name in a downdrop nav bar menu item clickable as well.

I’d like to go to a main page when I click on Future of Energy, but also use the dropdown to get to specific sections on the main page:

At the moment, only the dropdown items are clickable and are assigned to a separate page. If I add a link block over the text block " Future of Energy" I get a blue line + Future of Energy in blue.

Thanks in advance again!