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Flash player disabled

After working fine for months, suddenly when I try to open an embedded youtube video, first I get “Click to enable Adobe flash player” message and after clicking it, nothing shows.
This is my preview link:
and this is my website:

The video is supposed to be displayed when clicking the “watch it in action” button on the hero section.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Naama, it looks like those videos are being loaded via a custom embed widget with some custom code and an embed player coming from YouTube, and the browser does not seem to want to render that:

When I try that page, I also get prompted to install flash, so probably there has been some change in the way YouTube is delivering the video, I would check the embed codes again and re-paste those into the embed widgets to make sure the latest codes used by YouTube, are put on the site.

Alternatively, you could also use the iframe player api and load videos via jquery:

I hope this helps!

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