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How to render a website inside an iframe

I would like to render my site inside an iframe, but for some reason it won’t display, as you can see here (item 3):

This is the read-only link to me website:

I’ll appreciate any help.

Thank you,

Hi, it doesn’t display because this practice is forbidden by Webflow. Easily understandable because you could then use a Webflow hosted site without paying for a custom domain or CMS.

So you have to export your code and re-host, or pay for a custom domain and set it up in the sites’ dashboard.

If you have no choice because no control over the domain, export the code, host it on your server or Dropbox or any cloud that can be hit with HTTP, and point the iframe towards it.

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your answer. Do you happen to know how is this limitation implemented?

I would propose to the webflow team to consider making this configurable and not blocked for all customers.

In our case (I am in the same company as Naama), we are on a custom domain plan and are looking to point to our website as part of a scenario where we point to a few different web links that create a package of content.

I know nothing more, and the obvious reason for the limitation is to prevent abuses, as a part of the business model is around hosting with custom domain.

I can’t answer your question but you should mail about that.

I asked a similar question, but the answers come somehow selectively. Due to the limitations iframe can not I use the analyst clicks, which is a very serious limitation.

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