Scroll problems with a fixed sidebar

Hi guys, I’m having a critical issue with the sidebar menu.
Just wondering if you could help.

I have a website with fixed NavBar and fixed sidebar NavMenu, like in this playground: And I want the sidebar to scroll like here:

I tried everything including giving height to NavMenu and setting its Content Overflow to Scroll but nothing worked so far. The NavMenu scrolls properly only when the page content is shorter than the menu’s. In other cases it won’t scroll even despite the fact it’s fixed and its content is longer than the browser window.

Looks like a Webflow bug to me.
Would appreciate any advice on how to make it work.

Could you provide a read-only share link?

Appreciate your help.

Check out the CSS code to add mentioned here - in your case you might need one for each media break.

Awesome! Thanks Joe.
Will try it soon.

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