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Fixed Navigation in Header

the template that I’m using has a feature that hides the header nav bar and then opens upon scrolling. Am I able to turn this feature off and keep the header nav bar fixed and visible at all times?

Your help would be appreciated.


which template are you using and can you give us a link to your project’s public link?

Here is the template that I’m using that hides the header nav bar

Should be a simple tweak, see the attached screenshot, hope it does the trick for ya :smile:

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I deleted the last two items after scrolling to the bottom of the list. This deleted (or hidden) my Nav bar on the locations page? I’m now unable to get this bar to show all together?

I would simply like to keep this bar fixed (on the Locations Page) at the top with out fading in/out. I can’t seem to figure this out.

Hi @mblair500, also delete the Display None Navbar interaction from the Navbar Container, then check the interaction on the Main Slider in the Header section. Edit the interaction on the main slider, so that the first step of the interaction for scroll into view is deleted.

I made a quick video to describe:

I hope that helps, let us know :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave