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Fixed navbar not positioned absolutely

Position: fixed isn’t showing absolutely :frowning:
Page: The Levant Clinic

What is the desired behavior you’re looking to achieve with the navbar, and what is happening instead? :smile:

The navbar used to work fine until today i realized it wasn’t.
It’s supposed to appear when i scroll down and disappear again when i scroll to the top.
The interaction is working as i can observe the navbar as it disappears, however, it seems to be fixed to the top of the page and not the browser window. Maybe it’s a bug :confused:

Did you find out anything @bart about this?
Still the position: fixed is being overwritten or something.
I tested it again with a different positioning, the interactions are working fine, but it won’t stick.
I created a new navbar with fixed positioning, still not sticking…

Hello Anna
I think I solved the problem.
You are using Child perspective on your body page. I’m not sure why, but it is interfering with the nav.

That should fix the problem, but I am encountering another problem with the nav. The text seems to move up and down. I can not pinpoint what is causing this strange mishap.


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Oh wow thx David @Davidlin_ch12 it worked. I don’t know why i have that children perspective there in the first place. But thx for identifying it and thx a lot for the help :slight_smile: I appreciate it very much


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