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Fixed Position No longer Working

I have a fixed menu that comes in 20% down the page via interaction. Suddenly it stopped working and a fixed position div isn’t sticking to the top of the screen.

Here’s a recording of the bug:

The sticky menu seems to work in Safari. It may be a Chrome bug.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Have you fixed this? It looks like you’ve fixed it. Although the transition is faster than gentle.

Still doesn’t work in a Chrome browser on Desktop.

@DesignByDre this issue was actually caused by custom code added within the Designer where perspective on the body element caused the position: fixed styles from rendering.

Here’s a quick video walking you through:

I highly recommend using custom code as a last resort, especially CSS placed on the canvas in the Designer as that will usually render and can cause unexpected behavior.

oh man! Such an oversight. You’re a friggin’ genius. Thank you so much!

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