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Fixed Navbar does not scroll properly in Chrome

I created a simple page using the techniques in the 38 minute “Responsive Landing Page” video. It has a Navbar section fixed at the top of the page and a section under it with content. The page previews perfectly within Webflow, but when I Publish it, the navigation does not scroll properly in Chrome (Version 51). It works properly in Edge and in Internet Explorer. I am using Windows 10. In Chrome and apparently only in Chrome, the navigation does not take into account the height if the navbar so it scrolls too far down. I cannot see the upper inch or so of the section that I have scrolled to and a user would need to scroll up an inch or so after navigating to see the content for that Nav Link…

Can you please supply your site’s read-only link?

Read only link at

Click on the “About” nav link. Issue is on the About page. Click any nav link except Home and the page will navigate, but the upper part of the desired section is obscured by the navbar, in Chrome only.

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