Fixed picture won't stay in one place

Hi everyone! I have started making my own portfolio. So far i’ve been able to figure out every problem I had, but this one has given me some trouble. I have a picture
placed on my site, but when I scroll down it moves along the page, instead of staying at the position I want it. Could somebody help me out please, thanks for the help! I have linked my site down below.


Wellcome to the forum and to the Webflow community. First, your link is not working, you have to share your read only link so the forum can take a look at your site. Second, if the picture you are talking about is position fixed, it is supposed to follow you along as you scroll. If your picture is inside a parent element with position relative, you might want to change the picture’s position to absolute at the position that you want it. If you share your read only link maybe the forum can assist you better. I hope this helps. Take care.