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Fixed div blocks and background bug

I think I may have found a bug. I am trying to make a side navigation bar for content on my page. I created a div block and added text blocks into it and then set the position to fixed on the right side. The issue is that when I scroll the page the fixed div block gets covered in the sections with a grey background color. It looks like it is scrolling under the background color. How do I get this fixed?

Here is a link to the page:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Please could you share your Read-Only link.

I actually figured how to do this in a different way that didn’t have that issue. I created a container, fixed the position to the right side of the screen, and then added a navbar with everything deleted except the nav menu and switched it to vertical. It didn’t have the issue of going under the background.

I also just tried to replicate what I was doing with the div block and it looks like the bug is fixed.
Just in case below is a read-only link to my site.

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