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Fixed background image question

I know this has been covered before but I can’t seem to find the answer. I see this a lot where the image stays stationary in the background as someone scrolls down the page as in this template

I was thinking if you clicked fixed this should work but it doesn’t seem to. Is this effect and animation?

Generally you have to click fixed and then declare a position for it to work properly. It might also be a z-index issue, but hard to tell. If you have a project you’re having issues with post the read only link here and we can take a look.

Hey Alex! Nice to see your reply :smile:

I just quickly put together the idea of what I want to do. When you scroll down this page I want the image of the graduates so stay fixed behind the see through area as you scroll. In other words kinda like being on an elevator with the doors open and you see the floors whiz past you.

Here is a link to the attempt but unsure if background image is what I should be using or what?

Hello @tedserwebflow

Let me answer your question.
For create such effect like you want, follow this steps:

  1. Gpo to section that you want to bake “sticky”, to background settings

2)make picture “fixed”

Done :wink:

Also, if you didn’t check yet, Webflow has good tutorials, which could help you in some other questions

Good luck,

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Thank you Sabanna! I knew it was something like that but I was focusing on position instead of this. Thank you - that is exactly what I wanted to do. :slight_smile:

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Always glad to help :blush: it is moments that makes my volunteering so cool

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