Fixed Background Image Issue

I have defined a fixed background image on my Hero Section but when I publish the web site the background image is not really fixed. Is this a bug or a configuration issue?
Please take a look on the published link:

Also regarding this fixed background, I would like to know how can I make it scroll with some parallax effect despite I can’t do that without coding as I could see on some other forum topics.

Thanks in advance!

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It looks fixed to me. Keep in mind that fixed backgrounds only work on computers, not touch devices.

If you want to do parallax, it’s easy with the new interactions 2.

Here is a tutorial

I realized now that it is not fixed on Chrome. If I open on IE it is fixed. In what browser did you execute?

Thanks for the parallax tutorial link, but on my case it is a background image that I was wondering make it with the same effect.

Hi @Belli

You may also find these workshops useful too - @PixelGeek did a number of live demos of parallax effects possible with Interactions 2.0 - there’s more as well!

Hope they are useful



I don’t know why, but webflow is adding a w-mod-touch class that is overriding my fixed image configuration. That’s why it is not working.

Does anybody know something about that?


This is happening to me as well… I think the problem is because we have a touchscreen laptop. in regular laptops it doesn’t add that.

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