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iOS Fixed Background Image - not Fixed

Anyone else having an issue with FIXED-BACKGROUND-IMAGEs on iOS devices ?

What I am seeing…

Testing with Safari and Chrome…
the background image is not stay put. ie: Not Fixed. It scrolls with the page.

I’m guessing - since this issue is occurring with both Safari and Chrome…
it’s an iOS issue ?

Hi @Revolution, yes, this is a common problem with iOS. There are workarounds, but probably the easiest thing to do, is to place a div directly under body, make it full cover, fixed position with a z-index of -1. Then assign the bg image to the div and do not place the fixed styling on the image, just the fixed div that the bg image is assigned to.


I hope this helps!


I will give that a try. Thank you.

Great, remember, you can stack div backgrounds on different z-index layers, and do funky things, like show and hide different backgrounds using scroll interactions at different sections :slight_smile: experiment :slight_smile:

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