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Fix sequence in Collection Items as Restaurant Menu in the Page


i made this Restaurant Site:

  • Under the Page “Speisekarte” is the Menu.
  • I create Collections for the Food, for Salads, for Pizza, for Meat …
  • They are listed under the page “Speisekarte”
  • I made this, because the Restaurant owner should be able to add, or delete or change the food.
  • Problem:
    If i change or add food the Lunch Menu (Mittagskarte) or under the Weekly Menu (Wochenkarte) the sequence of the items are changing on the homepage.
    But it is important that the soup stays on the top of the list. I want that to say how the items are sorted on the homepage.

Is there are way? Hope you understand what i mean.

thanks for any help.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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anybody an idea how to sort them in right order

Sometimes when using a collection list on different pages, you want to be able to control the order in another way from date stamps, alpha, etc… I like to just add a new number field called “sort order”, populate it with numbers and use that as a custom sort order when I need to. See if that would work for your situation.

sounds good, thanks.
How would you do it?

Review the content available in the University.

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Great thanks!! This is it!