Finsweet script problem with collection managing category filtered slider output

This page has a slider with content from a projects collection filling the slides. collection-testing The content is being filtered by a set category in the collection.

The slider uses the following script to get the collection content into the slider

It’s working perfectly but I want the cities text above the slider (Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown) to select a different set of projects defined by the city collection categories, and I can’t get this to work. How do I get the script choose a different set of data from the collection?

I’ve tried duplicate hidden collection outputs with specific classes added to each for targeting. depending on which city is selected, Interactions are used to select and display the appropriate collection output + script. My testing shows that something is trying to work, but I can’t get the result I am after; green arrows appear for each project item but the slider which is supposed to be replaced by the collection content is still there. (Can see that here Location - Auckland)

This screenshot shows the collection in a div (class ‘hide’) that gets displayed when the city turns it on. The script for each of these collection output sections has the script altered with a class added specifically to target this specific collections output data; I think it may be working but the template slider which should be replaced is not replaced.

Can anybody see what I am doing wrong?

Here’s the project share Webflow - CMP Construction


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