Finsweet collection managed slider for two sliders on same page

Hello. Hope somebody from Finsweet sees this and can assist with this problem.

I’m using the Finsweet script to manage a slider that is using a collection to feed the slider with content; it all works perfectly, the Finsweet script is great for this! My problem is that I have two sldiers on the page that need to be feed content from different collections, and I’m unable to get things working.

I’ve tried a simpl;ae approach of editing the Finsweet script to target each slider output individually by naming one of the outputs with ‘-2’ on the classes in the script, (as seen below) but without success.

Has anybody had success in getting this to work?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only. : Webflow - CMP Construction
The slider for Live Sites is setup to use Finsweet wit the collection ‘Live Sites’, and is working fine, the other slider is the top one for News/Events which I’d like the collection ‘News Events’ to feed (currently using static content)

Hoooray for Finsweet! They’ve solved the problem with a new approach to dynamically manage the content of a slider with collections, this time using attributes. And it works so that multiple sliders can be used on the same page. Brilliant!

Thanks Fin sweet!!