Using Finsweet's CMS Prev/Next script with multiple category-filtered Collection Lists

Hey, Webflow folks. I’m trying to figure out the right way to go about “related posts” links on a Collection template.

Have a “Projects” Collection, with a handful of categories. At the bottom of the Collection template, I have a “Related Projects” section, with two links for prev/next Projects, and they need to be for prev/next in the same category.

Finsweet’s CMS Prev/Next script seems simple enough, but from the documentation, it seems like it’s meant for a use-case where you have only a single set of Collection post links to draw from.
My current strategy for this situation is to have a separate Collection List for each Project Category (filtering the Collection List with “Project Category == Cat 1” in Conditional Visibility for each category), with all but the current matching category set to hidden. That way, whatever category the current post is, there’s links to the rest of the posts in that category for the CMS Prev/Next script to pull from.

The trick is, there will be at least five different sets of Collection links and I’m worried the script isn’t able to work reliably for this setup. I’m building it out at the moment to experiment but wanted to see if anyone here has figured out a way to achieve what I’m after or can offer any direction.

Thanks! The page I’m trying to do this on with the linked site is the Projects Collection Template, at the bottom of the page.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Fitzgerald Gray Architects

Just following up for posterity.

It seems to be working. Five different Collection Lists—each filtered to specific category, given the fs-cmsprevnext-element="list" attribute, and set to display: none;.

Not sure if Finsweet included logic for this kind of usage in the script or whether it will keep working but seems to work well enough as of this moment. When on Category A, only one of the Collection Lists has any items in it, and the CMS Prev/Next script correctly grabs a prev and next post from the populated List.

Still to be tested whether and/or how it will work when a Collection post has two different categories and two of the hidden source Collection Lists are both populated.