Finsweet Pagniation Problem

Hi guys, I’m having this problem, I’ve followed the tutorial in the video but somehow my blog content doesn’t load as I clicked on the next button. Please help, thank you guys a lot.

This is the video (Sorry I don’t know how to upload on comment): Blog Post - Google Chrome 2022-11-15 12-04-35.mp4 - Google Drive

This is my site link (It’s okay on preview mode somehow): Webflow - Capi Product

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I don’t see any attributes applied on your collection list.

You should actually follow the documentation here

For your need, you should just apply below 2 custom attributes on your Collection List block
fs-cmsload-element = list and
fs-cmsload-mode = pagination

Hi, Abirana. Thanks for the reply. I am pretty sure I did add 2 custom attributes on my list. Can you please take a look? Thanks again, I really appreciated your help!
This is the new link: Webflow - Capi Product

Hi there, I rechecked your setup and pagination is working but your issue is that list on other pages are not visible.

This seems because that you have Scroll into view interaction applied on your links (Blogs Wrapper), that is why list on other pages are hidden.

If you check the Finsweet’s documentation again there is some thing mentioned about using with interactions.

But still another thing is that you may not need to add such reveal interaction because Finsweet’s CMS Load already adds loading effect to it, which you can change as well.

So please check that and let me know if that works.


Thank you so muc <3, I fix it as you said and it’s worked.


Was anyone able to get the page numbers to display between “Previous” and “Next” as… links? I can’t get it to work. Just posted here: Finsweet pagination - where are the page numbers?