Finsweet Filtering Not Working & Duplicate CMS Item

Hello WF Community,
I am a WF newbie and have spent all day trying to figure out the FS Filtering system for my CMS to no avail. Hence asking here for help. Much appreciate your response and attention.

The gallery CMS has 110 items.

  1. The only filtering that I got working with FS Attributes is the search field, but it was only searching through the first 100.
    After hours I got it to search through the entire gallery, but now the 10 after the 100 items is now showing up as duplicates under search field.

  1. I’ve tried and rechecked attributes for hours but I’m not able to get the Sort by drop-downs to work. As you can see I tried it twice, one visible, one hidden under filter. I’m not sure what I’m not binding or inputing correctly.
    I have a hidden name title broken up into 3: artist/ project / year and i added each with attributes but both dropdowns do not filter. I started with 1 and it didn’t work on its own.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey Sophie, you’ll want to use FS Load as well in order to exceed the 100 item limit. The work very well together.

Beyond that, yeah, it takes a bit of work to learn the exact attribute and element configurations to achieve what you want. I do a lot of this work for clients, and still, I regularly run into situations where I have to do custom coding in order to make specific setups possible.

One direction I can suggest is to use Finsweet’s forums, they have a great support team, but it’s a paid forum for posting questions. They’re pretty quick though, and get the job done well. Worth it.

If you need pro help building this out, I’d need to dig into your project and see what you need, but feel free to direct message me if you need a quote.