Can't make Finsweet CMS filters to work!

Hi !

I’m just trying to do a simple filtering on a page. I have a CMS collection (digital products) with multiple categories (5 different in total) and There’s just all those five categories on top with checkbox buttons and I want that when you click on them it filters the list accordingly.

I’ve checked multiple times but that doesn’t work. And I’ve already used finsweet CMS filters succesfully in another project.

When I publish the page, there’s the cursor that sees that the categories are clickable, but when I click on them nothing happens !


Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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Check the docs carefully, but the main thing to look for-

  • Verify the library is included
  • Check your attributes
  • Verify the attributes are on the right element

With checkboxes and radio buttons I recall needing to put them on the label text, rather than the input element itself, try different things.

You can fill in knowledge gaps by looking at the source code of the examples on the FS docs pages.

I already did all this, multiple times !

You should contact @memetican to see if he has any openings you can book. I am confident in his skills.

Does finsweet CMS filter works with ecommerce products collection list ?

Yes it works great there. FS Filter doesn’t care about the data source since it’s working with the HTML DOM directly.