Finsweet CMS Slider + Combine + Custom Slider Dots

I am trying to add a slider to show off product photos. There is a main photo and additional photos. I was hoping to combine the main photo and additional photos so the user can seamlessly transition through photos. I am testing using Finsweets attributes and have no issues combining the the collection lists until I add the Custom Slider Dots. I need custom slider dots to show off the thumbnail of the product. Adding the finsweet custom slider dots makes the slider dots unclickable, and the second collection list slider dots aren’t added to the first list and are included in the actual slides instead.

Can anyone try to figure this out or is it impossible to have cms combine with custom slider dots.

Its in Slider + Custom Dots page. I added CMS Combine. In this read only it uses the same collection list twice to test the combine functionality.

I’d like to do something like this as well… did you figure it out?

I just had to insert the main photo into the first additional photos field. More manual work but I only use 1 collection list in that case. Couldn’t find another solution.