Filters within Blog Post CMS template not working


Everything was working fine, but now there appears to be a bug within my CMS pages.

On my site, if one navigates to the blog page and clicks on a category at the top, the collection below in the related post section is showing the same post for every blog post. They should all be different and ordered.

The same blog post is shown for all categories!

Within the designer and the preview section in Webflow, it is shown correctly. The page is “Categories Template” at the bottom.

Please can someone shed some light… @PixelGeek @cyberdave @sabanna !

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Is anyone else having a similar type of issue?

It is weird, really. Could you try unpublish and publish site again?

Well, I have re-published the site several times with no change.
I am unable to “un-publish”

Any ideas @thesergie?

I just looked at your site. If on your Dynamic List Wrapper you will delete your filter “Featured? is on” then create a new filter of “Blog Post is not Current Blog Post” (be sure to click “create”). Then add back in your “Featured? is on” filter, I think it all works.

Good luck.

Thanks Jason, @jdesign

I have tried your suggestion and whilst this still works in the designer and preview, it is still not working on my actual site.

@thesergie or @PixelGeek @vincent

Edit: Actually, it doesn’t work in the designer or preview. Although the “Recent” blog posts do appear correct when on the Categories page (unlike on the actual site), if you click on any of them in Preview, they all default to the latest blog post, as opposed to that actual one.

Also when clicking on the recent blog post thumbnail on this page on the actual site, nothing happens.

This is still unresolved.

I’ve tried every option I can think of in getting the filters to work properly, but none work. The funny thing is that what I had originally (Category is Current Category and Featured is On), which is the format that is also shown in the Webflow Template example in the video courses, worked perfectly.

Now, it has just stopped working.

Could anyone help with this?

Many thanks!

Hi @DanUK1 :smiley:

I’m looking into the issue now. One question, did you add any custom code to your site when this issue started happening?

I was able to remove your dynamic list then add it back in with just a text link.

Here are my settings:

Can you try recreating that section from scratch and with different classnames to see if anything changes?

Thanks for your help @PixelGeek

As to your original question, no I didn’t add any custom code.

I’ve now completely re-created the section from scratch with different class names.
Strangely, within the designer and preview, some of the thumbnail links go to the correct blog posts and others just go to the latest blog post that I have written.

Has it got something to do with the available page link within the newly called “Blog Category Thumbnail Wrapper”. At the moment the page is “Current Blog Post”. Should it be this? What does “Current” mean? Should it refer to the blog post associated with that specific list or just the latest one written (the ‘current’ one?)

Even more bizarrely, it seems that on the actual site, it all is working!
Of course, this is good, but it would be preferable if this was rectified in the designer/ preview too…

Any thoughts?


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