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CMS—The template page always show the same post details

Hi all, silly problem I’m having here…

I am testing out Collections (rental listings) for a property management company I’m building a site for. Every time I add a new listing, the imported data from the most recent post is replicated in the other posts before it. On the main page with all the listings its fine, but once you click through to the full listing its the same info as the others, except the images, which work fine. Please help, Im lost!


Hi Dan,

I think I found the issue… took me a bit of time but thanks to Webflow who keeps things clear and organized, that’s possible :smiley:

So the bug you encounter can be narrowed to that description: when viewing the content nodes (records in a collection, “listing” in your case) in the template page, some of the content doesn’t reflect what’s in the record.

It’s not that the site doesn’t work, it works great, the Listing page link to each of your 2 records and it works great. The problem is in your Listing template.

In the Listing template, the images change, but not the other infos.

It’s because you have used a Dynamic list in your page template. Dyn list are made for listing posts. On your templat,e you have that Dyn List limited to 1 record. So it will always display the first record of the collection, hence the page showing the same info.

Except for the images that aren’t in a Dyn list.

On templates pages, for the content of a record, you don’t use Dyn Lists but just elements, and link them to the datas.

So drag all your items OUTSIDE of the dyn list, in a container, and you’ll see they will now reflect the proper content. See this screencast:

Does this help?

You only use a dyn list in a template page is you want, for example, to list existing records below the presentation of a record… So you have to start building your template without a dyn list.

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thank you so much for the info! I’m still a relative beginner so I have lots of little bumps in the road :slight_smile:

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