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Filters on Project Images in Collection List

Hi Forum,
I’m new to Webflow and having a bit of trouble figuring out how to add filters to a collection list that displays the Project Images. I’m currently not given the option to filter them at all.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi Kyn,

Webflow gives you a few filters to alter the appearance of objects (photos, but also sections, containers, div blocks etc.). You can find them on the right hand side of your screen where you also change margins and padding. Scroll to the very bottom of this and you’ll find a few filters you can select.

However, if you want to give your images a very certain look, you might be better off altering them in Photoshop or a similar program.

Also: it’s good practice here on the forum to share a read only link, so you can show everyone what exactly you’re doing.

Good luck :blush:

Also you might find this video helpful:

I generally recommend checking out webflow tutorials for questions you have. They’re really good and especially as a beginner you’ll almost always find an answer to your question. :wink:

Hi Amelie

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t think I’ve explained myself and problem that well!

What I’m trying to do is add dynamic content through a collection list and specifically a set of images from the ‘Project Images’ selection. However I don’t always want to show the full set of images so am trying to figure out how to filter out the images that I don’t want to show. I’ve watched some tutorials and searched the forum and it appears possible but in the Element Settings panel it doesn’t give me the option to filter the list and I can’t figure out why.

Could you share your read only link?

If I understood you correctly this time, these two videos - especially the conditional visibility one - might come in handy.

Thanks Amelie.

Here’s my read-only link

I’m not sure I know the solution. As far as I can tell, you should be able to use the “conditional visibility” in the element settings panel to determine which images should be displayed.