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Filtering webflow CMS items by location

Hello Everyone,

My client would like to be able to filter Webflow CMS items using specific location.

Here is the example that I have as a refference:

He would like users to be able to input their address and to click search. After that they would for example get only nearby restaurants.

Many thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I know that this is not of much help, but you’ll definitely need some scripts to get that running. I’m also afraid that Webflow CMS doesn’t support that natively

Thanks @Jeandcc I am aware of that but I am interested if even with custom scripts is that possible

I doubt that someone will be able to just give you the answer to this here. I’d post it in the freelance category and see if someone can help. This really sounds like a helluva job unless there are ready-made solutions available (haven’t seen any myself, but I haven’t looked so eh)


Curious if you were able to find a solutions for this.

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