Filter by date with Finsweet CMS Filter

Hi! I created a blog filtering via CMS Filter by Finsweet and it works great. In addition, I could not understand from the document how to filter the date. My goal is to add a filter as follows. I’m grateful for your support.

Hi Annie,

FS CMS Filter needs explicit dates to work, so you have to calculate each of these ranges.

On a selection change, you then have to populate hidden from and to filter fields with the desired dates, and then trigger filtering.

All 3 of those steps ( initialize, populate, trigger ) require custom code.

Also keep in mind that since this is JS, it will naturally determine the date locally, so for me right now it’s Saturday, for most of my US friends it’s Friday. You’ll need to think about what you’re wanting to happen. Often using UTC or translating the user’s time to the same timezone as the site, is the right way to go.