Finsweet CMS filter not working on cross-month date ranges


I’m trying to add a few filters to my CMS collection using Finsweet CMS filter. One of them being date range filter - being able to pick blog posts from a certain date to a certain date.

I followed their docs, and the filter works exactly as expected when choosing a date range within the same month, as you can see below

However when I add 1 very next day to this range, no results show up. I played around with it and this issue only ever occurs when the selected date range crosses over different months.

The date picker UI element is done using this library:
with some little custom code to get the dates from the datepicker to finsweet’s date input fields. However this library has no effect on the filtering, and even if you just type in the dates info filter fields, you get the same result.

This seems like a bug to me, but maybe I’ve done something wrong so I would love to hear your thoughts here.
PS: I also tried changing the date format to all supported ones by the CMS filter, it didn’t help.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Volunteer website
It’s on the ‘Blog’ page
Here is the published site: Blog

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Have you tried to get support from Finsweet?

@webdev I tried looking for a similar issue mentioned on their forum but didn’t find anything.
And as you can see here: Finsweet Product Support
You can only post to their forum with Finsweet+ paid membership, which I don’t have.

Radka, FS support is likely your best option. I took a quick look at your setup and nothing stood out to me as an obvious configuration issue.

Hi Radkaa, I’m having a similar problem right now. I can’t get the date range filter to work correctly. I looked at your project and I see that you succeeded to customize everything, it’s really cool, can you please tell me how you did it?

Same here :frowning: @Radkaa did you find a solution?

Hey @Tvitaliy and @Eric_Ruiz_Molero , to get it to work I used a workaround of some additional custom code to transform the dates into timestamps instead. That way I could also get rid of the fs-cmsfilter-type=“date” attribute as it’s now working with plain numbers.