Filter Birthdays

We would like to show birthdays of our employees. Same day/month.

In the CMS we have created a custom field with date/time (date picker). In the Collection List we selected Source > Birthday and the birthday under Filter. Then “Is bevor or equal to…”

We have the following options there:

  1. day
  2. weeks
  3. months
  4. years

We’re missing “every years” here…

Is there a solution for our project? Has anyone done this on a project?

Thanks for the help

Yes, it’s possible, however Webflow’s built-in filtering does not provide a way to filter on date parts like a matching day & month. You would need to do that filtering by script.

It happens I have a script library that supports custom filtering logic. I’ve just tested it with birthdays, and it works great. If you’re keen, I’ll do a video to show you how to add it to your site.

Hi Michael
That sounds good. I would be happy about a video.

Many thanks

Hi Daniel, here’s the video-

And the docs for filtering;

As well as a demo page;

The current library version is 3.11 so the URLs you want are;

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script type="module" src=""></script>
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Hello Michael,
thank you very much, this works perfectly.

Greetings Daniel