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Filter CMS records based on date in past, relative to today ("Employee birthdays this week")

Hi - I need help filtering CMS items by a date in the past, relative to today…

I’m building an intranet for a client - as a user in the intranet, I want to see a list of Employee Birthdays this week & Employee Work Anniversaries this week

I tried filtering by “after 5 days in the past” and “before 5 days in the future”… but the CMS date field requires a year and they don’t hire newborns :man_shrugging:, so they are all getting filtered out…

The CMS has Birthdate and Hire date for all 150+ employees. Unless I’m missing something, it looks like the Webflow date filter is more suited for CMS records that are more present day (posts, events)… versus records that have a date of July 28, 1985…

One note — filtering to show employee birthdays/anniversaries 5 days in the future and 5 days in the past would suffice. It doesn’t need to fit the Roman calendar concept of “this week”.

I thought this wasn’t an unusual use case, but I guess it is? If this can’t be handled in Webflow, any alternative custom code suggestions are welcome.


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