Date/Time picker CMS which disregards year (Birthdays)

I’m wanting to work in a functionality that uses the Date/Time picker for team members to display an animation when it is someone’s birthday. I currently have it set to conditionally display only when 0 days before and 0 days after (today) the birthdate is set.

The problem is that ideally we’d like to have this work every year without needing to set everyone’s birthday to the current year i.e. I want the date/time picker to disregard the year of the date and only pull the month and day. Is this achievable with the Webflow CMS? If so, what can I do to get this working?

If a field is set to date/time in the CMS then it will have validations run on save and mm/dd would not pass the validator. You could possibly use custom code to parse part of a date field on the front end, compare that to todays date, then add a class to an element if today is the birthday. I don’t see another way around it.