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File Upload option for site, urgent help

I need to create a file upload option for CV’s when filling up a form (client’s requirement)
From what i was reading here the option does not exist yet however is there any option to do it after all? With drop box perhaps?

Someone help please, this determine if i get the contract or not!

One solution is probably to create your form entirely on another service and embed it in your Webflow site (because you’re right, you can upload anything on your Webflow site repository).

I quickly googled around form and dropbox :

JQuery File Upload

There’s a demo there as well… try to upload a small image file.

Then get the code from github.

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Hi @Revolution how do i integrate it into webflow? where is the file uploaded stored? is it on the webflow server?

This is export solution. You must have the export option in your plan.
The code would run directly from your website.

There is a “server” folder… that stores all the original images.
Below the server folder is a thumbnail folder… holds thumbnails of the images.

What you need is an upload handler.

I’m trying to find the one I wrote a while back…

  • however, that was an old test project that we lost on bid due to cost.

Here’s a different / better / easier solution:

File Upload - Built in Webflow - using JQuery.

Site will upload file to a folder on the server.

If you want it… let me know - I’ll tell how to build it.


This is awesome, Can you share with the community?

Here you go.

Hopefully I got the instructions correct.