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Figma vs Sketch?

Hello everyone! :wave:
I’ve just started to adapt myself to a world of web design. I’ve read a lot of articles and forums considering this issue. Yesterday I found this one -
As a beginner I have a question to ask. Why Figma and Sketch? Which design tool is better from your point of view?
There are so many apps like adobe xd, InVision, Zelpin, BLOCS?
Maybe you can share some tips and experience on how to use these apps and how to pick the right one?

You don’t say what your requirements are so I don’t know what you expect or who would reply to this question.
Are you a mac user for example?

No :slightly_frowning_face:
I heard that Sketch is fully Mac OS based. Is that mean that there is no way using it on Windows?

And that’s my point.
The only two to look at if your starting is figma and XD. Both are similar and I think free to an extent. You would have to do more research.
Are you freelancer or want a job?
Job = XD
Free = Figma

Thanks a lot! Perhaps, Figma is what I need to start my web design journey.

when I said free=figma I do mean freelancer
job = career.

Just to clarify for anyone reading.

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