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What wireframing tool do you use and why is it Figma?

Jokes aside. I am curious on what wireframe tool people prefer. It seems like people’s go to tool is Figma. I am starting to dabble in it now and am also curious on how you guys learned to use it.

Figma is great, but I typically use it (or XD) for more medium-high fidelity work—most of the time I just sketch some rough ideas on pieces of scratch paper or in Procreate on my iPad. I’m slowly starting to build out my own wireframe “ui kit” in Figma/XD for situations where I want to keep everything neat (and digital) but there are a handful of free options out there if you don’t want to build your own.

If I’m feeling super creative (or need to present options with expected feedback) I’ll make some paper cutouts for the various element types and arrange them on the table. Pre-Covid, this would give my clients an easy way to suggest other options or have them come up with their own ideas using somewhat of a structure that I establish beforehand.

I’d imagine folks prefer Figma because it runs in browser, it’s free, and it allows for easy realtime collaboration. It’s pretty crazy how much value they provide.