Figma design canvas (1920px wide) is larger than WF base breakingpoint

I am just getting started on WF and have a question about the Figma to WF canvas settings. So my problem is that I have designed a high-fidelity design in Figma and its canvas size is 1920px wide. The base breaking point in WF is 992px so it is hard for me to copy my design from Figma to WF because of the size difference. Is there any solutions for that?
Thank you for your help!

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You do can add more breakpoints, please check the screenshot

And to talk about the breakpoints, you should not only think about the 1920, most used screen size is still 1366px, so think about that as well.

If you have not yet done so. Check out the WF tutorial on how breakpoints are handled as it cascades up or down for different devices.