Copying Figma design to webflow need 1440px wide container

So i have been working on a website.
first, i made my designs on figma .
i set up 1440 px width to the design in figma
when i try to copy my design to webflow, i found that it does not lays as same as figmas. then I knew that in webflow the resolution of the designer is 1040 px.

so my question is . i want to copy my design but i have different width set to the two platforms . how do i integrate figma’s design to webflow?
should i redesign in figma by setting width to 1050 px???

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Hey @The_One_Who_Animates

Figma is a static design, not like the web works. You probably know. If the grid in figma is 1440 I will add a container with max-width 1440 and go from there.

Can you share your read-only link and probably share the figma file?

Piter :webflow_heart:

sure, thank you.
Figma file :

webflow link : //preview./preview/jumbocart?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=jumbocart&preview=661a0dafb79a98d3db49e3401fabd201&mode=preview

but i cannot set width values to the container . what should i do?

You would be better served using your own div with a class that sets the max-width to 1440px and is centered (margin-left:auto, margin-right:auto). Then reuse that class anytime you wish to repeat.

I am new to webflow.
i designed in figma in 1440 px width.
but webflow has 1040 px width.
how to design in webflow that exactly replicate the figma design by copying the height and width of elements

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