Feeling on the new Webflow UI

thanks, that worked. I would prefer pinning be on by default and unpinning if needed.

Yes, I can confirm that the team is aware and working on improving variables inside interactions.


For @AGH @Manuel_Huertas_March and everyone else, reminder to check out this post if you’d like to be involved in testing some UI improvements. Follow the instructions below.

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Hi all,

I see it appears webflow might be making some enhancments to the contrast for the dark designer… I was already working on a solution… feel free to use in the meantime

I just release an update, you can change the webflow designer to various colors including the original, also light mode will be coming soon!

[AidKit for Webflow | Chrome Extension for Webflow Developers]

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Hey, Smith-Cordell can you please answer my question too?

Hey all, today we’ve released a major update to the new ui based on feedback and testing from this group and more. This update deals specifically with color and contrast. That also concludes the beta test mentioned in my previous post.

Check out the updated post below or the official update page.


Thank you guys for listening to the community!
This is a small but very important adjustment for many of us.


feel same, terrible for the color selector UI, too much steps for choosing a color and disconnecting…

Just an FYI to those looking for a light mode that webflow has yet to build…
AidKit has a light mode, and is being improved overtime, but looks pretty good at the moment

AidKit for Webflow | Chrome Extension

@everyone @matthewpmunger @Emily_Lonetto
We can wholeheartedly thank the staff for actively listening to the community feedback, bringing it up to the team, and addressing the pain points - gotta say it frankly feels way better now.

Happy to hear this topic and others have helped!