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Feedback on Website

Asking for feedback from you all. Please let me know which device you’re using. It’s still a work in progress but I’d like to know how it looks so far.


So before I start, I should mention that of course these are my opinions and these recommendations are solely subjective. I am however, mentioning them to you with best practices in mind. So with that being said these are my initial thoughts:

  1. The first thing I wish I experienced is higher resolution imagery. Having pixelated images in my opinion makes any site feel outdated.

  2. The second thing I noticed which is fairly important is the site looks really cramped. Not enough space to let me breathe and digest each section. You can fix some of this with more padding and spacing for each section.

  1. The third thing which is sort of tied to the second observation is the content should be evenly placed and centered correctly. Unless the content is placed unevenly to serve a purpose which should be obvious based on the consistency of the sites design style then I would make sure the content is evenly placed and centered correctly. The photo below will show what I mean.

  1. Now the 4th observation is more subjective but I feel the subscribe form could be laid out inline instead of the fields being block elements. So having the fields side by side and then only stacked on top of each other on mobile devices.

  1. The image below will shows a lack of consistency for things like forms etc. which is covered in the 6th suggestion as well.

  1. As for number 6, I am just referring to the consistency issue again. Now before I go on I should stress how important developing a style guide is for websites and how they really make a world of difference and sites developed with the aid of a good style guide and design system contribute to a more professional and mature build that will resonate better with it’s users. You can see how the font size changes and the look is not consistent.

(The page titles don’t look the same as well as the tagline at the top of the site)

So there might be more but I think if you start with these changes here you will see a big difference in how your site turns out! I would go back to the drawing board and work out a consistent style guide and design system.

Hope you find these comments helpful and know they are well intentioned! I wish you the best! Also you can check out the links below to help you even further.

Check out this blog from Ryan Morrison (Amazing web designer - Webflow’s Lead Designer):

What is a design system?



Thanks, Noah! I really appreciate the information.


@GraffitiMuse My pleasure! :slight_smile:

Wow Noah, what a comprehensive review of this site! I almost want to have you go through mine just to see what you think! Keep it up!

Haha, thanks! And sure thing… I am totally up for it! :wink: