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Completely Free Webflow UI Kit - The Universal UI

Hey there Webflow community!

We’ve been working on something lately that we’re really happy to share with you all, it’s called the Universal UI Kit - a completely free UI Kit and component library.

The purpose of this UI Kit is to give you all the sections you need to make a business website, without narrowing down the visuals too much into one niche, or making it too hard to customize.

Most UI kits look nice because of custom graphics - which is fine for a normal website, but for a site that’s made to be cloned, it’s pretty much useless. In order to achieve the same level of website that the UI Kit promised you, you’ll have to go and make all new custom graphics - which we think defeats the purpose of a UI Kit.

Here’s the link where you can clone it - the-universal-ui-or-full-ui-kit-and-component-library - Webflow

We’re always going to be releasing new components and pages for this kit, so if you’d like to make a suggestion, drop a response and we will get it made!


How has this post not gotten any comments? What you’ve done is amazing. :rocket:

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Thank you so much, I worked super hard to get this launched and am really glad to hear it’s appreciated! :grinning:

I’d love to hear if there’s anything you’d like me to add to this kit, or if there is anything else you think is missing from the Webflow showcase that would help speed up your workflow!

Most definitely. I’ll be checking this out more thoroughly today. Your logic for making this is sound and is appealing. I’ll be in touch.

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Looking forward to it, feel free to reply here or shoot an email over to

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Shot you off an email.

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