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Feedback: Make the asset details icon bigger


I would like to give feedback on the iny tiny icon of the asset details when hovering over an image asset. I need to add alt texts to my assets, however it is taking me a lot of time.

This icon is so tiny that it’s hard to click on it, so I miss click a lot:

It’s just 12 pixels height by 12 pixels width.

How about making the whole div clickable instead the icon only?
That would make it better for now.

Or the same height as the cross icon:

Also: would be better if you could already type into the description field, instead of needing to click on it again.

hi @ElviraNL while I agree that these icons are tiny and it is hard to hit them, this is not a bug but Webflow UI/UX team decision. You can place your suggestion into wishlist instead.

I would if it actually would make a difference to put things on the wishlist.

hi @ElviraNL you can give it a chance. It would not harm if your request will be there. But before you do you should check if someone in past didn’t place identical request into WF community wishlist. If yes you can upvote it. :thinking:

It’s more that things that already have 1000+ upvotes, aren’t being changed/added in Webflow too… Like this one:

So it feels stupid to open up an other wishlist item… But will do later…

@ElviraNL Webflow is a company like many others and they have their own business plan. Each business choose priority what is important to solve to fulfil their given goals. Wishlist can only show what can be done and it is like survey on steroids.

As you can read on this forum there is no doubt that WF shoot them self in the foot when they focused on talk in closed circle and pay attention only on things they need while let community that let them grow behind closed doors. We can only hope that “open letter” was knocking on these closed doors strong enough.

I have as well a severals things I wish to be done correctly, finished or improved but I just work with what WF offer at this time as it is still good product to work with.

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