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Feature Request

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Allow us to provide a specific name for the JS and CSS files.

This would help the website perform better in Googles PageSpeed test…

(in addition to using GZip)

Currently, I have the HTACCESS file setup to cache for 1 month.

Here’s the problem.

With Browser Cache… if you release a new version of a file…

  • and you don’t rename the file
  • the visitor may not see the new version of the file.

Because of this…

  • I use “URL Fingering”… specifically for my JS and CSS files.

This is how it works:
I rename all my JS and CSS files…

  • by adding the publish / release date onto the file name.

Example… if i had a CSS file named “style.css”…
I rename the file “style-170731.css”… the 170731 is the year (2017) + month (7th month) + day (31st day).

If the last update was on March 15, 2017… then the file would be named “style-170315.css”.

I know exactly when that specific file was created…
If the file name is same as in the browser cache… the cache will always contain the current / correct file.
if the file name is different than what’s in the browsers cache… the browser will load the new file.

What I’m asking for is…

  • Webflow… would provide a CheckBox… to enable the feature or not.
  • Webflow… would provide a TextBox… where I can type in the “Finger Value”.
  • Webflow… when the site is exported… the JS and CSS files would be updated to reflect the current Finger Value. The finger value doesn’t have to a date. It’s just a custom / user generated value they want to use.

Currently… I do this by hand. It’s not difficult. But it takes time…

  • and I’ve screwed it up in the past
  • because doing anything manually can introduce errors.

This is how the Browser handles it:

(assuming 1 month caching on files)
If I UPDATE the file before that 1 month is up… the “old file” will no longer exist
because it’s replaced by the new file. So no worries. The visitor always get the correct file.

The browser will follow the instructions as set in the HTACCESS file… which will cache the file for 1 month.

If the file HAS NOT been updated… then the browser will just use the “current” file.

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Hi @Revolution thank you for posting this! It seems like a very custom configuration and I would like to know if other customers would be interested in the feature as well. Please be sure to add this to the Webflow wishlist.

You can also subscribe to wishlist items to stay updated to announcements regarding the wishlist item.

(Using browser cache or cache control along with gzip will generally make your site download faster.)

If you want learn more about browser caching or cache-control…

here’s some resources I’ve use in the past:

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