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JS Minifier for Webflow.js :)

Hey Webflow Team,

When taking a look at the JS output file (webflow.js), it’s about 4,000 lines of js. I was able to minify the code using: and it brought the file size down 130kb to 64.61kb (I know I’m talking in kb’s lol).

Is there any work being done to further minify this base webflow.js file upon final publishing of a site via Webflow hosting? :slight_smile: I don’t think every line of code is being used upon publishing a page. #ContinuousOptimization #WebflowFTW

Thanks for being awesome and for all that you do! :smiley:


Waldo :slight_smile:


any idea when this will be implemented? I’d love this to be allowed to be minified.

Hey @mastermindesign this is a post from before I started working at Webflow. I have now learned that at Webflow we actually GZIP our javascript files. It’s a server-side file compression (kinda like a zip file). For example even though webflow.js might seem like 150KB on your local filesystem, it’s only 40KB when hosted on our web servers.

I think the webflow.js is being GZIP’ed but not minified…

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Is there any update?