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Feature Request - Preset Assets (SVG) Library

Webflow, please introduce preset assets library:

Almost all major WYSIWYG html editors have preset assets library, seperate from user uploaded assets library.

For example,

Standardized Iconography Assets
I have a set of SVG files and FontAwesome that I use on almost all projects. Almost universally custom arrows, mail, phone, avatar, and social iconography.

Webflow Implementation
It’s simple, under Assets, There is anew Carrot dropdown unit called “WF SVG”, which is seperate from (user) “Images”.

By clicking on WF SVG, the user

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Similar request in the wishlist here:

Make sure to add your votes/comments over there or start a new wishlist item :+1:

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Hey @Richard_M_Thomas !

My name is Anaïs and I am Webflow’s community manager :slight_smile: As @StuM said, for this kind of requests you’ll need to go to our wishlist site! It’s much easier for us to keep track of all the ideas and requests you guys have, and you’ll be able to follow the status of your request easily :slight_smile: Just so you know - we keep an eye on the votes and most popular ideas and prioritize based on that!

And thanks so much for pointing him in the right direction @StuM :white_check_mark:

Also, may I ask you to add a picture to your profile? Always nicer to know who we’re talking to in here :wink: