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UI resources out of the box

Hello, i’m using webflow since a couple of days now and here are the improvements i suggest:

  • Out of the box, per template limited webdesign resources such as sample images / modern flat animated gifs for sliders or portfolio and demo team.

  • Font icons and predefined but customizable UI kits.

Could be great because it´s sometime hard to find and manage those assets. It can also be time consuming. So with this kind of features, we can even more focus on working on layout and style.

Implementation could be done like adding google web fonts from the WF dashboard.

It can be considered as spoon feeding but hey, you guys already did it by creating Webflow :smiley:

Hope it will help!

I couldnt disagree more with you. The tools needed for design should be to built for designing interactive sites not so much as an art content repository for gifs or icons. I’ve seen other templating systems do this and undoubtedly the last thing I want fixating on these forums is the harping on the “I don’t like these icons/gifs, please update” while there is critical functionality that needs to take place. On the other hand if you are looking for a good resource try flaticon for your icon/font icons needs.

I totally understand.
But every repository of any kind works like this: you have content available and you can choose to pick in this repository OR not. I think it could be a useful tool when designing in Webflow and you’ll always have the choice to use it only if needed.