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FAQ Client adding new questions items

I would like to have a FAQ page where the client can add and remove items (question and answers) from the FAQ list, is this possible using only the editor?

You could setup a cms collection of faq items. Is it not feasible?

I created a CMS Collection (FAQ with the require fields) - then created a page from that collection. The problem is that is the collection has 5 questions those are the questions I am limited to add in the page, there is no way for the client to add or delete questions using the editor. Maybe I am missing something here.

The way around this would be to have each question & its respective answer as a single CMS item. That way, your client can add or delete the CMS items at will.

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That seems like a overcomplicate work around for a simple need. This also mess the SEO of the page. -

Your need that you’ve already identified is that you need your client to be able to add, edit and delete individual questions as required. This is the solution to your need. I don’t see any simpler way of achieving what you need to achieve. Best of luck!

I think the only solution would be to use a third party tool designed for FAQ management and then add their code to a Webflow HTML element.

Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace have FAQ elements built-in but this is missing in Webflow.