Adding CMS to FAQ's Section

I have built a template page for an affiliate based website, there are 10 affiliates all together. Each affiliate has a set of FAQ’s, that range between 3 - 10 questions. For example, the Energy page has 10 questions, whereas the broadband page has only 3.
I have styled each question as an accordion that reveals the answer on click.
The question is styled inside a border.
How do I utilise the CMS so that a different amount of questions are displayed for each affiliate page.
I first tried adding a collection list to the accordion which gave me the result I was looking for but it displays the same questions across all pages but webflow doesnt allow you to access a different collection list for each affiliate.
If I try to add create a collection of FAQ’s, I have to style 10 borders and bind the heading/question to the collection but when I do it that way, I am left with empty borders in the FAQ’s section.
Is there a way to dynamically add a different amount of questions across each affiliate page that have a border style and utilises an accordion?

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Add some screenshots -or- examples of your desire result (Hard to understand long story).

In general:

  • create FAQ collection
  • create Our-Services collection

You can bind FAQ to Service:
and later filter the list.

Try first to create simple blog (posts/categories/authors) to learn the CMS.

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Hi, Thank you for he reply.
I have solved the problem now. As you have suggested yourself, I can add a collection list and use a multi reference field to choose which FAQ’s I want displayed :grinning: :grinning:

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Hi David,
I have a similar problem. In my case I have to create several travel itineraries ranging from 4 to 8 days.
This is the link to my page: Design Responsive Websites - Webflow